Instruments & Skill levels

The Acadia Trad Festival offers classes and workshops for a wide variety of instruments, including fiddle, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, cello, piano, piano accordion, harp, banjo, Uilleann pipes, whistle, bodhran, dance, song, fiddle-making, Celtic culture, and much much more.

Major courses of study are offered at four skill levels: Beginner (fiddle only), Intermediate, Advanced and Master. Students are expected to focus on their major for the morning classes, but are free to explore other instruments during afternoon workshops and jam sessions. Afternoon sessions are offered at all levels, and many are specifically geared toward beginners. More information can be found on our Classes & Workshops and Faculty pages.


Always wanted to learn to play the fiddle? Now’s your chance! No experience necessary! Want to play another instrument or learn to dance? Many afternoon workshops are offered at the beginner level. Please check class listings for more details.


Intermediate students should be able to play their primary instrument at slow and intermediate sessions. All major courses of study are available to students at the intermediate level. See class listings for more information.


Advanced students are people who are comfortable playing out at dances or in bands. An advanced student can lead a session, play fast, and take solos. All major courses of study are available to students at the advanced level. See class listings for more information.


Master students are typically very active performers and/or music teachers. Classes are rigorous and fast-paced, and available only to selected instruments. See class listings for more information.