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Founded in 2013 in the beautiful coastal town of Bar Harbor, Maine, the Acadia Trad School evolved out of a growing traditional music and dance culture that has taken root in New England. We consider “traditional music and arts” to include all forms of music and arts that are deeply rooted in cultural expression and have stood the test of time. We promote both historical and modern adaptations of the arts that respectfully expand on the voices of the past while passing the voices of the present to the next generation. Acadia Trad School emphasizes technique and theory, not just learning tunes.

The Acadia Trad School offers a variety of concerts, sessions, workshops, school programs and dances across Downeast Maine throughout the year, but its flagship event is the week long Acadia Trad Festival, held in Bar Harbor the first week of July. In the coming years, we hope to expand our programming as well as extend our reach regionally and beyond.

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